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Inpatient Care: ICU
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The Most Advanced Level of Hospital Care

Providing the highest level of patient care, the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Central DuPage Hospital serves patients from adolescence through old age. (A separate Pediatric ICU serves younger children with the most advanced needs.) This 16-bed ICU provides nursing care for patients who have acute medical and surgical conditions, including life-threatening conditions or complex illness. The ICU also serves patients who are being treated with the most advanced technologies or medications, as well as those recovering immediately after surgery.


The ICU delivers the most comprehensive care for patients with the most intensive needs – every hour of every day. We utilize sophisticated technologies to monitor each patient’s progress and are able to respond quickly to any change in a patient’s status.

Patients with life-threatening cardiac conditions and those recovering after cardiac surgery typically receive care in the Cardiac Care Unit (CCU). Cardiac patients may be sent to the ICU if the CCU is full.

The Team

A conscientious and highly qualified staff provides the comprehensive level of patient care needed by individuals with the most demanding health needs. The ICU team includes:

  • Medical director – a physician who is board-certified in critical care medicine. The medical director (or a designee when the director is absent) is available 24 hours a day, every day, to assist and direct the clinical staff.
  • Registered nurses – Our nurse-to-patient ratio is very high, with a minimum of one nurse assigned to every two ICU patients. When a patient requires even more intensive care, nursing advances to a one-to-one ratio, so that a single nurse works with a single patient.
  • Patient care technicians (PCTs)
  • Patient care manager
  • Charge nurse
  • Educators, who help staff remain up-to-date on critical skills and advances in patient care
  • Administrative staff

To Check on a Patient in ICU

Call 630-933-2940 to check on the status of a patient in the ICU. To protect each patient’s privacy, our staff may only dispense patient information to designated people, such as the patient’s spouse or next of kin. Please limit unnecessary calls to the ICU so that we may concentrate on providing care for our patients.

Data Shows Our Success

The ICU adheres to extremely high clinical standards. Results are measured through the Project Impact, which compares outcomes from CDH with other hospitals of similar size and scope. At CDH, our length of stay in the ICU and patients’ dependency on ventilators are among the lowest in the U.S. – demonstrating that we’re able to stabilize most patients sooner, so they can move out of the ICU and to a regular inpatient unit as they recover further.