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Facilities Services: Walgreens
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Illinois' First Hospital-Based Walgreens

Walgreens is open to serve patients, visitors and staff.

Central DuPage Hospital has yet one more feature to foster quality, convenient patient care — an on-site Walgreens pharmacy.  Walgreens is located in CDH near the Ambulatory Services entrance (near Entrance 1).  Walgreens has a great deal to offer patients and physicians alike, starting with a well-respected name. In the 104 years Walgreens has been in business, the company has earned an outstanding reputation for integrity, dependability and personalized pharmacy care.

Walgreens at CDH supports physicians by working one-on-one with patients and providing comprehensive services to help improve medication adherence, so crucial to successful outcomes. Individualized adherence programs include confidential counseling, easy-to-understand educational materials, and other services to help patients fully appreciate the importance of adhering to prescribed therapy. Walgreens has refill reminder and automatic refill programs to continue the ongoing support by helping keep patients on track with their medication and avoid missing doses.

Walgreens also has a number of services to help patients get their medications quickly and efficiently. For example, providing prescription fax forms at the pharmacy allows physicians to call or fax in a prescription before the patient leaves the office, so it can be ready for the patient to pick up on the way home. Walgreens even features services such as ExpressPay, which can store a patient’s credit card information in a secured file for automatic billing, eliminating time spent at checkout. It’s one less thing a patient needs to worry about.

Because all of the 5,000 Walgreens nationwide are electronically linked with a safe and secure proprietary computer system, prescriptions filled at one Walgreens can be made available at any Walgreens anywhere. (More than 1,500 Walgreens pharmacies are open 24 hours and more than 4,000 have drive-thru service.) If mail service is required, Walgreens Mail Service can deliver medications to almost anywhere in the country (as a patient’s insurance coverage allows).

In addition to providing increased efficiency and convenience, Walgreens state-of-the-art technology serves as an extra “safety net” of protection against adverse drug interactions. Walgreens pharmacists have complete access to a patient’s prescription profile, whether prescriptions are filled at our CDH location or any other Walgreens across the country. So all your Walgreens medications can be reviewed at one time, reducing the chance of an adverse drug interaction.

Walgreens at CDH offers insurance assistance as well, with experienced insurance advocates who can ease the burden of tackling insurance issues for physicians and staff. They coordinate benefits from all types of plans — including Medicaid and major medical insurance.

Physicians and patients will find a comprehensive inventory of injectable, refrigerated, recently approved, and hard-to-find medications — including a large inventory of pain management products — at Walgreens at CDH. So whatever type of medication therapy is required, Walgreens can provide it. In addition, Walgreens offers compounding services — something many other pharmacies do not.

You can also call the pharmacy at 630-407-0340.