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Preparing For Surgery: Pediatric Pre-Op Adventure
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Pediatric Pre-Op Adventure

Pre-Op Adventure tours are designed to prepare children for their surgical experience. All family members are encouraged to attend this free program.

Why It Is Important to Attend

Surgery can be a difficult time for parents and children. This enjoyable program is designed to help alleviate any fears that you, your child or other family members may have about the surgical experience. The Pre-Op Adventure tour also gives you the opportunity to ask questions, interact with the staff, and to visit the surgical areas prior to the day of surgery. We have found that this preparation helps children feel more at ease on the day of their surgery. Our knowledgeable staff is here to make the surgical experience at Central DuPage Hospital as pleasant as possible for you and your child.

The tour includes:

• A visit to the pediatric area of the Same Day Surgery Unit.
• A video depicting a child’s same day surgery experience.
• A chance to handle hospital equipment.
• A time for questions.

When to Schedule a Pre-Op Adventure

Pre-Op Adventures should be scheduled as soon as you know your child is having surgery. If the surgery is scheduled on short notice or if your child is under the age of 3, we will make every effort to accommodate a private adventure for your child.

How to Schedule a Pre-Op Adventure

To schedule a Pre-Op Adventure, please call Central DuPage Hospital Information and Physician Referral at 630-933-4CDH (4234). TTY for hearing impaired 630.933.4833. View the Classes section of the CDH website for more information.