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Patient Policies: Pediatric Patient Rights
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Pediatric Patient Rights

A Child’s Rights as Our Patient

We at Central DuPage Hospital believe that all children, regardless of race, creed or developmental level, have the right to be treated with dignity and respect, to feel safe and to understand what is happening to them while they are in the hospital.

While you are at Central DuPage Hospital, you can be sure of these things:


You are important to us. We are here to make you better. Please let us know all we can do to help.

Respect and Dignity

You are a special person. We understand that you may have cultural, religious, emotional and special needs. Please let us know what they are so that we can support you. You have the right to confidentiality. This means that what you tell us about yourself and what we learn about you will not be told to others unless it is important to your care.

Coordination of Care

You will meet many people during your stay. We will tell you our names and our jobs. We will call you by your name or nickname, whichever you would like. We will help you find time to play, along with time to learn, rest and sleep.

Information, Education and Communication

  • Be given complete and current information about your injury or illness, course of treatments and outcomes of care, including unanticipated outcomes, in a manner that you can understand
  • Participate in decisions about your diagnosis, plan of care, treatment and discharge
  • Know the potential risks and benefits of procedures and treatments
  • Receive an itemized bill and an explanation of charges in a manner that you can understand
  • Receive effective communication (patient or patient companion) through a confidential language or American Sign Language interpreter at no cost to you.  We also offer auxiliary aids for the deaf and hard of hearing including TTYs, written materials, telephone handset amplifiers, assistive listening devices, television closed captioning and writing tablets.  All services are confidential and available at no cost to you.  Please notify any hospital staff if you or your companion need communication assistance or contact Interpreter Services at 630-933-2317 or the Hospital TTY for the hearing impaired 630-933-4833.

Involvement of Family and Friends

We understand that you are a member of a family. You have the right to have your family with you whenever possible.

Physical Comfort

Sometimes we will need to see or touch your body to help you get better, but we will always tell you first. The people in the hospital want you to get better and be able to go home. Tell us if you are hurting. We will try very hard to make the hurting stop.

Emotional Support

We want to help you with your feelings. It is okay to feel angry, sad, scared or lonely in the hospital. You can tell us your feelings and we will always listen. We want you to feel safe.

Transition and Continuity

We will allow you privacy for yourself and your special things from home. You can have your special things with you (like a blanket, toy or radio) if that will make you feel better.