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Supporting the Healing Process

Spiritual support can play a key role in the healing process and can help patients and family members through challenges associated with illness or injury. Central DuPage Hospital (CDH) offers spiritual support that is respectful of each individual’s spirituality, religious beliefs, privacy and dignity.

Why Spiritual Care in Health Care?

There are many reasons a patient, family or healthcare professional might turn to spiritual care during illness or hospitalization. Some common reasons include:

  • Unexpected or discouraging diagnosis
  • Death and dying
  • Grief
  • Questioning the meaning and purpose of an illness or injury
  • Moral or ethical questions

CDH's Spiritual Care Resources Department is easily accessible for counseling and support related to health and well-being. 

Our Services

CDH offers an array of spiritual services that reflect the diversity of our patients,  families and staff. Spiritual care is highly personalized to meet each individual’s needs and desires.

Our spiritual care services may include:

  • Individualized assessment of spiritual needs and resources to meet those needs
  • Spiritual intervention, such as support, counseling, prayer or intervention in times of crisis
  • Sacramental ministry including Anointing of the Sick and daily communion in the patient's room
  • Notification to patient's congregation when an individual is admitted to Central DuPage Hospital
  • Integration of services with community clergy
  • Consultation regarding ethical decisions
  • Group support for patients and families
  • Training and education of hospital staff in spiritual care

The Team

The Spiritual Care Team includes: 

  • A CDH chaplain is on-site or on-call 24 hours a day at the hospital to minister to patients, family memebers and employees of any faith.
  • Community clergy visit with CDH patients and family members, whenever requested.
  • Priests assigned by the local Catholic diocese provide sacramental ministry to Catholic individuals.
  • Volunteers Ministers of Care distribute communion to CDH patients, whenever requested.

Requesting Spiritual Support

Spiritual support is available for patients hospitalized overnight at CDH, as well as those receiving care as an outpatient or in home-based care. Family members also can call for spiritual support.

For non-emergency situations, please call the Chaplain’s Office at 630-933-6624, extension 1. (Dial 3-6624 from a CDH phone.)  When urgent support is needed, call the hospital operator at 630-933-1600 and ask to page the on-call chaplain. (Dial 0 from a CDH phone.) TTY for the hearing impaired 630-933-4833.

For Your Spiritual Support

The CDH chapel is located on the first floor near the C-Elevators and Cashier's Office. The chapel provides a quiet sanctuary for people of all faiths. Bibles, rosaries, prayer rugs, devotional materials and more are available by calling the Chaplain's Office.