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Inpatient Care: IV Therapy
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IV Therapy

IV Treatment From Specialists

Patients at Central DuPage Hospital benefit from an intravenous (IV) team with extensive experience and strong commitment to outstanding care.

When are IV Lines Used?

Intravenous lines are useful in many cases, because they allow medications or fluids to be dispensed at a steady, controlled pace. Once an IV line is inserted, it can be used repeatedly without the need for a new injection. IV lines can be helpful for patients who need long-term antibiotics, chemotherapy, pain management medications, total parenteral nutrition and for drawing blood. An IV also may be used for maternity patients to relieve pain during labor and delivery.

Providing Care Where It’s Needed

The IV team travels to wherever patients need us. We provide IV insertion and maintenance on the inpatient units throughout the hospital, for patients at home or in extended care facilities and in outpatient clinics based at CDH.


The IV team concentrates on safe, comfortable and effective use of intravenous lines. The IV team provides peripheral IV starts for all patients in the hospital’s general inpatient units, and provides support for specialized units including the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Cardiac Care Unit (CCU), pediatrics, radiology and labor and delivery.

The Team

The IV staff is a specialized team, with 12 registered nurses who are certified in peripherally inserted central catheters (PICC).

Call for More Information

For information call 630-933-6399.