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Emergency Medical Services: CDEMSS System Specific Policies
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CDEMSS System Specific Policies


AED Definitions
First Responder AED
Incident Reports
Maintenace and Oversight of AEDs
Quality Assurance

Bypass Policy

Hospital Bypass
Mutual Aid Secondary Response
Patient Request for Bypass


Communication Over Rides
ED Communication with the Field
EMT-B Notification of the Receiving Hospital
Systemwide Crisis
Telemetry Communications
Telemetry Radio Checks


Abuse of Controlled Substances
EMT Complaints
Non-Punitive Reporting Policy EMS
Potential Drug or Alcohol Abuse
Suspension Revocation Denial of Licensure of EMT's
System Participation Suspension & Review Board


Patient Care Reports policy 1

Drugs and Equipment

AALS Ambulance Equipment
ALS Engine Equipment
BLS Ambulance Equipment
BLS Engine Equipment
Cardiac Monitor
Controlled Substance
Cardiac Monitor
Drug and Equipment Replacement System
Equipment Exchange non disposable
Lost Controlled Substance
Medical Device Failure
Narcotic Loss Notification
Sample Medications

Education Training

ECRN Continuing Education
ECRN Inactive Status
ECRN Initial Training
EMS Lead Instructor
EMT B Continuing Education
EMT Basic Training
EMT Inactive Status
EMT License Renewal
EMT P Continuing Education
EMT Paramedic Training
EMT Testing and Fees
Paramedic Preceptor
Region VIII ECRN Policy

EMS Personnel Responsibilities

Assistant EMS Medical Director
EMS Administrative Director
EMS Medical Director
EMS System Coordinator

Medical Legal

Abandoned Newborn Infant Protection Act
Child Abuse & Neglect
Convicted Felon
Crime scene
Definition of BLS & ALS
DNR Clarification
DNR Withholding Treatment
Immunity from Liability
Minor Refusal
On Scene PhysicianNurse
Oviously Dead Patient
Patient Abandonment1
Patient Confidentiality
Power of Attorney
Professional Guidelines and Code of Ethics
Psychological Emergencies
Request for Clarification
Use of Restraints
Withdrawal of Care

Operational Policies

Address change
Certified Mail
Chiefs Administrator Council
Communicable Disease Notification of EMS Personnel
Designation of a Primary and Secondary System
Disinfection procedures
ECRN Physician Backup
ED Physician Policy
Electronic Data Collection Policy
Emergency Medical Dispatcher
EMS Assistance Fund
EMS Council Meetings
EMS System Vehicle Participation
Field Implementation of SOPS
Good Standing in System
Guidelines for Patients with Latex Sensitivity
In-field Level Upgrade
Initiation, Revisions and Distribution of Poicies and Proced
Interfacility Transport
Invalid Assist
Paramedic Coordinator Role
Response Times
Retention of Records
School Bus
Scope of Practice - Licensed EMT
Significant Exposure Form
Significant Exposures
SOP Revisions and Distribution
System Entry for Licensed Paramedics and Paramedic Student
Staffing Requirements
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
System Participation Resignation
Telemetry Radio Breakdown
Unannounced Inspections
Use of lights and sirens


Drug Assisted Intubation
Endotracheal and Inline Intubation
EZ - IO Insertion
Inline Albuterol Administration
Intraosseous Insertion
IVP Medications
Meconium Aspirator
Nasotracheal Intubation
Needle Cricothyroidotomy Procedure
Needle Decompression
Nitronox Usage
Pediatric Oral Intubation
Respirtech Pro Procedure
Surgical Cricothyroidotomy
Synchronized Cardioversion

Quality Improvement

Policy for CQI Committee
Policy for CQI
Policy for ECRN CQI