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Support Groups and Resources: Nutrition Services
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Nutrition Services

At the CDH Cancer Center, an oncology nutrition specialist* from Aramark, who is a Registered Dietitian, is available to discuss your nutritional needs, provide resource information and answer your nutrition questions. The oncology nutrition specialist is board-certified in nutrition support and offers these services to patients who receive chemotherapy at the CDH Infusion Center:

  • Education on good nutrition during and after cancer, including how to enhance your body’s immune response with food
  • Diet management of treatment symptoms
  • Tips for managing poor appetite
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiency evaluations
  • Management of nutrition provided thru a tube or IV

The oncology nutrition specialist can be reached at 630-352-5404.

Nutrition to Meet Your Needs

Maintaining optimal nutrition during your cancer treatment is important. As long as your doctor has not restricted your diet and your appetite is healthy, substitute healthy, whole foods, such as fruits, vegetables, beans, peas and whole grains, for low-nutrient dense foods such as chips, non-whole-grain breads, candy, pastries and fried foods.

Vitamin and mineral supplements, when needed, work best when taken in addition to a balanced diet. They are not substitutes for eating whole foods. It is always best to review herb and nutrition supplements with your oncology nutrition specialist and your oncologist before purchasing or consuming them. Supplements can interfere with your treatment, interact with other medications and cause other nutrient deficiencies.

Cancer can increase your nutrient needs, but treatments for cancer can make eating enough to meet those needs difficult. Prompt attention to side effects of your cancer treatment can help keep up your weight and energy level, and help you feel better. Let your doctor and the oncology nutrition specialist know if you are unable to maintain your weight or consume a balanced diet due to treatment side effects.




*The oncology nutrition specialist is neither an employee or agent of Central DuPage Hospital or any affiliate member organization.