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Oncology: Clinical Trials
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Clinical Trials

Many treatments for cancer today are the result of past clinical trials – research studies that involve patients. They are the final step in a long process that begins with lab research. Clinical trials study new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.

Having access to clinical trials at Central DuPage Hospital (CDH) allows patients throughout Chicago’s far western suburbs the opportunity to have new treatments, which may be more effective than current standard treatments.

Clinical trials may be an option in your cancer treatment, and with those studies being conducted right at CDH, you can be among the first to be considered for new treatments. Your doctor will discuss with you if there are clinical studies available that may be right for you, and for which you are eligible. If you are eligible, choosing to participate is your decision after your doctor has provided detailed information and has answered all your questions about the study.

Determining Your Eligibility

If you decide you would like to be considered for a clinical trial, your doctor and research nurse will give you a consent form to read and sign. The consent form will explain study criteria, steps in the study and any known side effects.

Trials Access for Children

Through an affiliation with the Children’s Oncology Group and other medical associations, CDH is involved in investigations that evaluate the effectiveness of new therapies.

Trials Access for Adults

CDH has been accepted as a component member of Southwest Oncology Group, and as an affiliate of the Gynecologic Oncology Group. These memberships  allow CDH to offer adult patients access to a larger pool of clinical trials – and to contribute to improving cancer treatment for the future.

Clinical Trials at Cadence Health

There are several clinical trials currently in progress at Cadence Health. Talk with your physician to determine if you are eligible.

To view a list of current clinical trials, please click here.

If you have questions about clinical trials in general, you can visit the following resources: