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Cardiovascular: Cardiovascular Diagnostic Testing
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Cardiovascular Diagnostic Testing

Screenings and advanced diagnostic tests provide important insights about the heart and blood vessels. Physicians at Central DuPage Hospital use sophisticated technologies to provide comprehensive detail about the structure and function of the heart and blood vessels. We provide diagnostics for adults and children.

Our Services

Central DuPage Hospital performs standard and state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures to evaluate cardiovascular function and to identify structural abnormalities, including blockages or heart valve malformations. Your physician will recommend the procedure that is most appropriate. A physician referral is needed for all tests. To schedule a diagnostic test, please call Centralized Scheduling at 630-933-5000.

All services are available for adult patients. Select services may be conducted for pediatric patients, where indicated.

  • Stress testing
    • Exercise stress tests (adults and children)
    • Nuclear stress tests
    • Pharmacological nuclear testing
    • Stress echocardiograms (adults and children)
    • Echocardiography
      • Two-dimensional
      • Doppler
      • Trans-esophageal (adults and children)
      • Electrocardiography
        • Event (adults and children)
        • Holter
        • 12-lead
        • Signal average
        • Angiography

        What is a Stress Test?

        A stress test is a non-invasive test that helps the physician identify how well your heart works during exercise or exertion. During this test, you may walk or run on a treadmill while monitors measure how hard your blood is pumping.

        For a nuclear stress test, you would be injected with a mildly radioactive substance before doing the stress test. This helps the doctor see how blood is flowing during exercise. The radioactive substance is excreted from the body within 24-48 hours.

        What is Echocardiography?

        A non-invasive test that uses sound waves to produce a study of the motion of the heart's chambers and valves. The echo sound waves create an image on the monitor as an ultrasound transducer is passed over the heart.

        What is Electrocardiogram?

        An electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) monitors the heart’s electrical function and rhythm during normal activity.

        What is Holter Monitor?

        A Holter monitor is an ECG recording done over a period of 24 or more hours. Three electrodes are attached to the patient's chest and connected to a small portable ECG recorder by lead wires.

        What is an Angiogram?

        An angiogram (also called arteriogram) is a special X-ray of the heart and arteries. It is used to identify blockages and damage in the heart and blood vessels. For this test, you would be injected with a special dye that the X-ray can detect. The dye may be injected via a very small tube (catheter) that is inserted through the groin or arm.

        Locations and Hours

        Central DuPage Hospital
        Outpatient Services - 3rd Floor
        25 N. Winfield Road
        Winfield, IL 60190

        A physician referral is needed for all tests. To schedule a diagnostic test, please call Centralized Scheduling at 630-933-5000.